Byram-Clinton Corridor

At a glance

Hinds County, MS

Hinds County Board of Supervisors

Project Summary

Hinds County Supervisors envisioned converting approximately 18 miles of roadway into a path that would both connect I-20 in Clinton to I-55 in Byram and drive sustainable economic growth within the area.  To assist the County in achieving its goal IMS is, among other tasks, providing design services for a 18-mile length of the Corridor from MS 18 to I-20.


As a part of the project, IMS prepared zoning and land use regulations—including development regulations— for the proposed Byram-Clinton Corridor project area. IMS also conducted an Environmental Assessment (EA) in accordance with guidelines established by the National Environmental Policy Act (EPA), Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDoT), and the Federal Highway Administration. As a part of the EA, IMS also conducted socio-economic impact and environmental justice analyses, implemented public outreach activities and hosted public hearings.


IMS is designing and preparing construction plans, technical specifications, and construction documents for the 9-mile segment of the corridor. IMS was responsible for topographical survey; drainage design and analysis; and transportation engineering services to include roadway design, intersection design, and bridge structure design. The roadway design consisted of developing the horizontal and vertical alignment to meet MDOT design standards, making accommodations for curb and gutter, sidewalks, driveways and a pedestrian bike path. IMS was responsible for the layout and design of signalized intersections, as well as the layout and design of detour roads to maintain constant vehicular flow through intersecting roads. IMS also provided horizontal and vertical alignments for all intersecting roads with grade and drain typical sections. The bridge design consisted of a 5-span hydraulic structure (bridge) and a single span box girder overpass over a major highway.  The drainage design and analysis consisted of cross drain design, storm drain system design and an erosion and sediment control plan.  IMS conducted hydrologic analysis – using STORMNET, HYDRAFLOW and HECRAS software – to determine drainage areas and performed hydraulic analysis to determine the location and size of inlets.

The project will be constructed in six segments. Segment 1A (From I-20/Clinton to Sam Herring Road); Segment 1B (From Sam Herring Road to Raymond/Clinton Road); Segment 2 (From Davis/Siwell Road to Parks Road); Segment 3 (From Raymond/Clinton Road to US Highway 18); Segment 4 (From US Highway 18 to Parks Road); and Segment 5 (From Siwell/Davis Road to I-55/Byram).  IMS is responsible for providing Construction Engineering and Inspection Services during the construction phase of the project.