The Southern Gateway

At a glance

Dallas, Texas

Texas Department of Transportation

Project Summary

IMS was retained by WSP, a multi-billion- dollar international transportation firm, to be a partner on the Southern Gateway Project located in Dallas, Texas, the 9th largest City in the country, to serve on the General Engineering Consultant (GEC) team. The Southern Gateway Project was a major transportation development which added much needed transportation capacity, replaced aging pavement, and improved safety along Interstate 35 East (I-35E) Corridor and US Highway 67 Corridor in southern Dallas, TX. As one of the major highways into and out of downtown Dallas, the roadway carries about 180,000 vehicles per day on pavement that was first built back in the 1950s. The reconstruction program was supported since before 2003, when the project was first environmentally cleared but left unfunded. With major transportation improvements made just to the north of Southern Gateway, the next step to further improve congestion in downtown Dallas was to rebuild this major urban highway.

Additionally, the work performed by other IMS staff consisted of project management, general engineering, and technical support to assist WSP’s roadway management team with traffic control measures for removal and closure of traffic lanes, as well as, access and control measures for on and off ramps and other roadway engineering and technical matters as needed.