Walewale Road Project

At a glance

Walewale, Ghana

Ghana Highways Authority

Project Summary

IMS Engineers Inc. is in a contract with Ministry of Roads and Highways by way of Ghana Highways Authority. The contract, signed March 8, 2022, is for Consultancy Services for Design Review and Supervision of Construction of Tamale – Walewale Road: Phase 1: Savelugu – Walewale (83.0km). The project is expected last 36 months and cost $3.525 million.

The project objectives, among others, include:

  • Reducing the overall transportation cost on the Central Corridor Trunk Road 
  • and the Savelugu – Walewale road, eliminating congestion, thereby reducing Vehicle Operating Costs (VOC’s)
  • Reducing the travel time on the Central Corridor
  • Providing roads that can provide adequate coherence between Ghana and neighboring landlocked countries including Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger to promote the socio-economic development of people living along and beyond the corridor
  • Improving the safety of road users and pedestrians along the corridor thereby decreasing the incidence and severity of road accidents
  • Ultimately contributing to the improvement of the National Road Condition Mix