West Gray and Taft Street & Drainage Improvements

At a glance

Houston, Texas

City of Houston

Project Summary

IMS is redesigning three miles of neighborhood streets in the Montrose /Mid-Town area of Houston, Texas. This area was originally constructed as a single-family land-use area, but is has now become a mixed-use land area of both single family and multi-family homes. This change in land use has generated more traffic creating a traffic mobility and safety issue as well as a shortage of on-street parking. 

To improve traffic mobility and safety, all of the streets east of Genesee St. will be converted from a two-way operation to a one-way operation; with designated parallel parking spaces within the right-of-way. IMS’ final design will resolve the areas congestion and traffic flow issues by incorporating complete street goals through a multitude of enhancements that include new street pavement with designated on-street parking spaces, wider sidewalks to comply with ADA standards, new bike lanes and bike paths, as well as improvements to water, wastewater, and storm sewer throughout the area.